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Looking for Back to School books, stationery & supplies? Here you will find all you need from preschool through to college.

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    There are so many things to remember when heading back to school, it’s easy to forget a few things or two, if you’re a first time parent do not worry, we have your stationery broken down for you by category and grade to help.

    Here you will find what you need to make the back to school experience fun and most importantly educational. Whether using a pen, pencil or a backpack or lunch box to a water bottle, different stationery for different people helps them to achieve their set task in a manner of making the experience easier, quicker and more efficient.

    So here at Virgin Megastore, we decided to put together a list of items that we believe will help make heading back to school fun and enlightening.

    Notebooks and Diaries, these are still truly valued even in this age of technology, make sure to keep a cache of Notebooks so you can easily categorise homework and study. Shop our Notebook range here.

    School supplies, now these are great for all ages, whether you are starting Preschool, a parent or even a school teacher, you will find your stationery needs here.

    Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes, finding the right pick is not all about design, please keep in mind the dimensions of the backpack you are after, we’ve handpicked the right bags for the right grades, please click here.

    Lunch boxes, should protect your lunch through any weather, a good lunchbox should be waterproof and not leak any spilled food or drinks. Take a look at our favorite picks here.

    Water bottles are very important for staying hydrated if you are a student, parent or teacher, especially in the warmer months. Water bottles like lunch boxes should be spill proof and easily fit in our hands and cup holders. See our favorites here.

    Tech and Electronics, if you prefer to have all your Notebooks and Stationery in one device, then take a look at our iPad or Tablet range here.