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Back to School Survival Kit

Uh-oh! The school bells are about to ring - and as the clock ticks, it can be hard to adjust from the dog days of summer to the busy and fast pace of another school year. If you want to keep your head in the game, you have got to be prepared! Learning to properly pack a survival kit will help you get through the year successfully. Picking the right items and organizing them into a ready-to-go survival kit will keep you confident and ready for all the challenges you’ll face when all else fails.

Getting It All Together Whether you like your survival kit to be small and simple or huge with prints, looking for the perfect carrying case to hold onto your necessities for the whole school year won’t be a problem because we’ve got you covered with trendy pouches and travel bags from Blueprint and Alice Scott’s collection – choose your kit by depending on how much essential emergency stuff you would want to bring along and make sure it can fit in your locker comfortably, or inside your backpack if you’d rather keep it there.

Don’t Forget the Extras Forgot your pen? Broke a pencil and lose your sharpener? Never submit seat works late again by putting extra school supplies in your kit. In emergencies such as running out of supplies in your pencil case or locker, extra pen, pencil, and highlighters come in handy (especially when they’re cute and trendy like Skinny Dip). Try to include some things that you won’t need every day, but might need occasionally. Trust us, your future self will thank you for it.

Stay Fresh All Day, Every Day Bring along your favorite scents with you with Travalo’s refillable perfume bottle to help you stay fresh the whole day - and while we want our hair untied most of the time, putting scrunchies in our kit will help keep that chunk of hair from falling off every 5-minutes especially during PE period.

PS: Popband and Invisibobble have the dream scrunchies that will keep you in style and stand out from the crowd. Shhh!

Never miss Breakfast again Make sure you to keep snacks on your survival kit too! - in case you wake up late and had to skip breakfast, you can always help yourself with snacks in-between classes – especially if you need a little boost. Try to pack healthy snacks and treats such as granola bars, dried fruits or fruit leather, nuts and cheeky chocolates for occasional treats. Keep these treats out of reach from others by putting them into containers such as Sistema’s mini bites container.

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