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Adults book of the month

The Starless Sea By Erin Morgenstern

You are invited to join Zachary on the starless sea: the home of storytellers, story-lovers and those who will protect our stories at all costs.Discover the enchanting, magical new bestseller from the author of The Night Circus

Children book of the month

Two Can Keep a Secret Karen M. Mcmanus

A perfect town is hiding secrets. Secrets that somebody would kill to keep hidden.

Arabic book of the month

Ala Minhaj Al Nbowa By Adham Sharqawy

There’s A big difference between someonewho does not see from his job except the salary he earns, and someone who seesthe effect he leaves!Every action, no matter how simple, leavesa mark in this world.You are not just a road sweeper, you aresomeone who beautifies the face of a city!You're not just a tailor; you give people atouch of elegance!You are not just a housewife, you are themost important person in the world.

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