MSI Claw

MSI Claw A1M, a groundbreaking handheld gaming device that marks a new era in portable gaming experiences. Powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors and featuring Intel® XeSS technology, ensuring a smooth and immersive gameplay experience even on AAA titles.

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MSI Claw

Ergo-Gaming Science of Comfort

With thousands of sample data collected from around the world, the Claw is ergonomically tailored for comfort and precision. Designed to fit the natural contours of your grip, it provides an intuitive gaming experience for hands of all sizes.

MSI Claw

Perfection Through Anthropometry

As a handheld device, Claw has achieved the optimal balance between its grip and weight. We have meticulously polished various design details, from the curvature that fits the palm, to the finger grip positions and trigger force.

Tailored Software for Ease of Use

MSI Center M provides dedicated interface designed for handheld devices with easy-to-use settings.

MSI Claw

Quick Settings

MSI Claw

Quick Settings Editor

MSI Claw

Mystic Light

MSI Claw

Macro-Keys Settings

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MSI Claw

Revolutionary Airflow:Cooled from within

MSI Claw

Best-in-Class Battery Life Power that Lasts 50% Longer

7-inch Smoothness Ready

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Dive into the ultimate gaming experience with our 7-inch120Hz gaming display, with exceptional color reproduction smooth action.

MSI Claw

Immersive & True Audio Experience

Delivers immersive, accurate audio placement for gamers, giving you the competitive edge.

MSI Claw

Gaming Library Expanded

Thanks to the exclusive App Player, MSI Claw is the only handheld that offers the widest game library, offering games across both Windows titles and Android mobile games.

MSI Claw

Claw - A1M

  • Up to Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 processor 155H
  • Windows 11 Home
  • Ergonomic design for an optimal gaming experience.
  • 7" FHD (1920 x 1080), 120 Hz Refresh Rate, Touch Screen, 100% sRGB (Typical), 500nits (Typical), IPS-Level panel.
  • Hall Effect triggers and joysticks built to last with microscopic precision.
  • Best-in-class 53Whr battery capacity.
  • Revolutionary Cooler Boost HyperFlow technology redirects airflow to cool internal components.
  • Exclusive Macro Keys cast your ult with just one click.
  • Swift transfers and extensive connectivity with Thunderbolt™ 4.
  • MSI Center M provides dedicated interface designed for handheld devices with easy-to-use settings.
  • MSI AI Engine adjusts various system settings automatically that best fit your needs.