Shop your Ramadan Essentials

Ramadan is all about being spiritually present and connecting with your loved ones. From Islamic books and prayer mats to home decor and board games to bond over, our selection of products are sure to spark joy and make beautiful moments happen during the month of Ramadan.

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Ramadan Shopping Essentials

Elevate your spirituality with comfortable prayer mats and informative religious books. Prepare a mouthwatering Iftar with kitchen appliances and cookware that make your life easier, and serve your guests in style with unique serveware, and amp up the coziness with home decor and accessories.

Cooking made simple this Ramadan

Instant Brands

After hours of fasting, you deserve scrumptious and hearty food for Suhoor and Iftar. Do that all in one pot. Make cooking during this holy month easier & quicker with InstantPot.

Get entertained

Wind down after Iftar with your favorite gaming consoles and keep the whole family entertained with our range of board games and puzzles. From PS5 and Xbox consoles, you will find all of the latest electronics to help you kill boredom.

Stay fit & healthy during Ramadan

A month of fasting can take a toll on your body if not done right the way. Stay hydrated with our selection of waterbottles & monitor your health with our fitness trackers to ensure you are in tip-top condition throughout Ramadan.